We are Solution Architects

Team of world-class IT professionals with experience in strategic problem-solving.

Our mission is to design and deliver high-quality software solutions.

We are the team of world-class IT professionals with experience in strategic problem-solving, product design, coding, management and all other aspects of software development.

We strive to be proud of the software we build. Combining mature and emerging solutions we guarantee stability at scale with minimal time-to-market. Our business is solving your problems.

Business Analytics
High performance
Big Data
UI/UX Design
ML & Math
BlockChain & HashGraph
AdTech & MarTech
Uncover Insights
Business Analytics
High performance
Big Data
UI/UX Design
ML & Math
BlockChain & HashGraph
AdTech & MarTech
Uncover Insights

Why work with us

Reduce costs. Grow profits.
No need to reinvent the wheel and spend time and money on research and development
Minimal time to market with ready-to-use blocks of ecosystem
High availability in our solutions from the first day in production
You can save time on hiring engineering staff to make your ideas
Save time. Be in trends.
Overcome bottlenecks with best known and know-how approaches
We love utilizing the latest technologies
To build our solutions we use high quality standards
Finding new possibilities within ML/AI, DLT and Big Data analytics
Your ideas. Our experience.
Focus on the business and let us take care of technology
Every system we build is tailored around your unique business needs
We like challenging tasks we’ve solved for start-ups and giants
We know all about AdTech/MarTech trends that can speed up your ideas
Get maximum results.
We analyse your cases for your business
We use intelligent algorithms at every stage of work
We develop high-end technology so you can focus more on your business objectives
We start with your Strategy and never push forward unless it is justified

Our products

Powerful programmatic stack for In-House solutions.

All in one advertising ecosystem
We make advertising as transparent and flexible as possible
Optimisation of ad delivery
Can track every user action and gives all players full power to raise their revenue
Customizable system of components
A wide range of optimization tools to provide a unique experience that meets all end-user needs
Anti-fraud algorithms
Blocks suspicious traffic by applying stochastic and heuristic detection methods

Demand-side platform (DSP)


Demand-side platform (DSP)

Buys the target audience for the best price by means of a fully fledged multi-channel engine with advanced targeting and ML optimizations.
All-in-one targeting (geo, time, weather, exchange rates)
Flexible budget and traffic management
Adverts self-service accounts
Different levels of access for agency employees
Cross-channel optimisation
CPM, CPC and CTR AI optimiser
Native, Video & Banner support
Anti-fraud firewall

Supply-side platform (SSP)

Sells available all types inventory to buyers through an auction model enabling AI-based yield optimization
Highest possible price for each impression
Increased fill-rate & eCPM
Bid-level transparency
Direct deals & private auctions
Self-service accounts for publishers
Dynamic floor price
Native, Video & Banner support

Data Platform (CDP, DMP)

Provides analytical and predictive insights on clients behaviour by linking data from different sources. Builds target audiences using AI-supported mechanics. Activates segments in the connected channels.
Large access to various user data
Real-time retargeting
Speed of intent extraction
Cross-device identification
All the metrics you need about your audiences

Technology Zoo

Heterogeneous technology landscape of our clients requires deep knowledge in a wide range of platforms, frameworks and tools.
Hedera Hashgraph

Our Clients

Innovative Data Solutions
Design and launch a user-friendly interface for creation and configuration of audience segments inside the platform using complex boolean algebra.
Development of Unified ID 2.0 graph solution within its Digital Identity Resolution Platform, allowing customers to connect unique Unified ID 2.0’s with Mobile Ad IDs, Emails, Household IPs and other digital identifiers
Verve Group
Location-powered mobile marketing and location attribution platform
Build a powerful analytical tool for geo media-planning that visualises target groups dwell time, reach, cost and other metrics applying mathematical statistics to the gigantic history of mobile users' interactions behaviour in real-time.
Kliniq is a fast and reliable system to perform electronic clinical trials
Development and launch of the econsent system for recording and collecting electronic informed consent from patients for clinical trials.
The app allows you to sign the informed consent in electronic form in a matter of seconds, receive timely information on updates of informed consent, keep records of patients involved in the study.
Hybrid video analytics of business processes.
Creation of a platform that makes it easy to make requests for reports on existing video archives of the business. Get quick and intuitive reports in a convenient format that can help you improve your business.
AdProv is a cutting-edge system based on Hashgraph technology
Launch of ad tracking and fraud detection service that provides eligible evidence for ad traffic provenance by utilising high-performance and cost-efficient Hashgraph technology.
Design and implementation of an immutable tracking technology enhanced with heuristic and AI-driven fraud detection techniques tested against fraud-detection leaders.
Content Performance Platform
Build the system to automatically extract and organize brand’s publicly available content. Creation of the algorithms to optimize the client's content for the native advertising.
Launch and tweaking ad campaigns for better performance in multiple DSPs on a content level.
Search and analyze government auctions
Aggregation system for Russian government auctions. The platform uses an accessible interface to quickly and easily find the necessary trades and get all the necessary information on them in a fast manner.

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